How stress impacts your body

What is stress and what does it do with our body?

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At this moment I have no stress, because I am writing this blog while lying on the beach Side Turkey. The only stress my body is experiencing is the sun.

We all stress sometimes. Sometimes it is short, sometimes it is  long lasting. What is stress? What happens in your body?

Stress is a survival system. A flight / fight meganism. Your body makes hormones. This happens among others in the adrenal gland and the hypothalamus. The hormones that are, produced are adrenaline, cortisol and MMA (methyl malonic). These hormones cause other systems in your body to turn on. Your heart pumps faster, because everywhere in your body must be provided with a fair amount of bloodflow. Your muscles get more tensed because they need to run or hit. Your muscles therefore need more food so your liver and digestive system will work harder. Now your body is able to fight or flee. And for a short time the body is capable of doing this. However usually we experience longterm stress which leads to completely other things happening in your body. Your body has no long-term resources to survive. It has no proteins (amino acids) in order to feed the muscles. It has no more vitamins for systems to inhibit the stress anymore. It has no more magnesium to make the heart work or to relax the blood vessels. It has no more omega 3 for the eyes to function properly or to operate your brain.

What happens then?

Examples. Your eyes dry out, so you're going to see less. You're going to get more inflammation because you are going to create pro-inflammatory interleukins. So you get inflammation in the skin, but your body is also unable to properly clean up viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Wow that's already a lot. And what can you do to fix this? Of course you have to take away the stress, but if that does not work you should ensure that your body survives this with supplements and proper nutrition. A multivitamin in the most absorbable form by which I mean a multivitamin that is natural and what your body does not need to process a lot. For example, vitamin B6 must be in the P5P form, so your body does not first need to convert the pyridoxine in the pyridoxine 5phosfaat. A bit difficult to understand. It is important that your body needs to be nourished and not burdend. So, choose healthy food. Well of course you know that you shouldn't eat  sugar, alcohol, coffee and fast food. But then what. Omega 3 is the most important this can be found in fish and flaxseed oil. For beautiful skin, you also need the omega-6 fatty acid. The gamma linolenic acid better known as GLA that is in evening primrose oil and borage oil. Furthermore, you better not eat fruit in the morning. Why? Your body can not handle it in the morning. Eat Mediterranean. Many vegetables (al dente) and cooked meat.

Why the tomato salad is so healthy? You put a little vinegar on the tomatoes this opens the cells in the tomato due to which vitamins, minerals and antioxidants come out. Some nutrients need fat to be absorbed and therefore you add oil to it. The onions in the salad contain bacteria and parasite killing properties and are diuretic. Contains vitamins A, C, E, sulfur and inulin among others. Every herb in salad seasoning has a good feature and the cheese is for vitamin K and healthy proteins (amino acids).

By: Aagje Landman,orthomolecular skilled pharmacist.

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