HalalVital Protein Shake 97%

Empower your lifestyle. High concentration. Build muscle mass, strength, endurance.

HalalVital Diet Shake

Shape your lifestyle. Delicious meai replacement. Burn Fat.

HalalVital Multivitamins Adults

Energy with vitamin B's, Upt & maintain vitamin levels, support weight management.

HalalVital Omega 3 Fish Oil

Reduces inflammation, heart rate and supports appetite control.

HalalVital Magnesium

Essential to sports nutrition. Relaxes sore muscles after exercise.

HalalVital Calcium + Vit D3

Supports fat burn to lower body weight. Essential to sports nutrion.

HalalVital Vitamin D

Regulates muscle function, helps to maintain muscle mass and uptake of Calcium.

HalalVital Protein+Omega 3

Empower your lifestyle. Build muscle mass, strength, endurance, recovery. Supports heart rate control.

HalalVital Turbo Diet+Vit D

Shape your lifestyle. Delicious. Burn Fat. Supports muscle function, mass and uptake of Calcium.

HalalVital Fit Pack

Build muscle mass, strength, endurance & recovery. Energy, metabolism & weight control.

HalalVital Vitamin B12 

Build muscle mass, strength, endurance & recovery. Energize yourself with Vitamin B12

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