HalalVital Multivitamins Junior

Bone health, vision, teeth and immunity. Support metabolism and skin healing.

HalalVital Omega 3 Fish Oil

For brain and eye development. Supports heart, bone and immunity. Healthy and smooth skin.

HalalVital Melatonin Melt

Relaxation and sleep. Especially when children spend a lot of hours on digital devices.

HalalVital Vitamin C

Supports a strong immune system and iron absorption.

HalalVital Probiotics

Especially good for kids. For immune system and digestion.

HalalVital VItamin D3

Strong bones, teeth and muscle strength. Supports immunity and to absorb calcium.

HalalVital Calcium + Vit D3

Essential for strong teeth and bones. Heart health and muscles.

HalalVital Healthy Kids + Vit D

Immunity and healthy digestion, teeth, bones and muscles. Vision and skin healing.

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